Monday, 26 May 2014

Stats update

Back in the Zone

I began my nutritional ketosis journey on a 6-week business trip to Sydney. It was easier to make such a dramatic change to my diet when I wasn't at home. The secondment served as a great "Starting Point". However, for the whole trip I was left guessing if my measurements corresponded to the way I was feeling because hotel rooms always lack scales. As the weeks rolled past, the suspense rose...

Flashback: At the outset, I wrote that I weighed in at just under 100kgs (some days, more!) and a total body fat percentage of 27% (That's a lot of fat!).

No sooner than I had walked through the door of my apartment in London did I jump back on the scale. The results blew me away and validate all of my decisions so far. Without further ado: 

Weight: 92kg (-6kg)

Total body fat: 14.1% (-12.9%)

Thus, in a mere 6 weeks, with very little physical activity, I had lost 6% of my total body mass, but almost 13% of my body fat. Where once I carried around 27kgs of fat, I now carry 12.9kgs (14.1% of 92kg). This also means I've lost more fat mass than total body mass, meaning I've gained muscle. My body feels leaner, lighter and stronger - all without lifting a single weight.

As a T1 diabetic, I have improved my HbA1c to 8.1 (still improving), but my BG averages have been among the best I've ever recorded. I've had fewer lows but retained my hypo sensitivity, and - importantly, I am really enjoying what I'm eating.

What else could I say about this transformation? If you're a T1 diabetic looking to gain a bit more control, or lose weight (or anyone trying to lose weight) - try keto-adaptation. Read up about it (there are some great resources online), clear out those cupboards, and take that first step. It works! 

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